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Dr. Khan is an excellent physician and plastic surgeon. He performed a successful reattachment surgery that other surgeons never would have even attempted. Dr. Khan is the ultimate professional; he was prompt, efficient, extremely knowledgeable, and personable, too. He provided supreme care in a very serious situation, was honest and totally trustworthy. We are thankful that he happened to be the on-call surgeon at the time of the accident. Dr. Khan is truly a blessing to all.

Healthgrades, Riverview, MI.

Dr. Khan saved my hand! 9/21/17 a mini van fell on my had destroying it! Dr. Khan wasted no time helping me and directing me to get my hand back! In only 3 months of what it looked like when it happened to today….12/20/17 people are amazed and so am I! I’m just so blessed to have Dr. Khan in my life! If you want true results and a doctor that really cares Dr. Khan is the guy!

Joshua Trevion, Pontiac, MI

We would highly recommend Dr. Khan and his staff. My husband was injured at work and we were directed to Dr. Khan. He operated on my husband that evening and was able to save his finger. After about 2 months of recovery, my husband was able to return back to work with full use of his finger. Dr. Khan is a great surgeon who truly cares about his patients. We wish more doctors were like him.

DV & SV south lyon, MI